UNWTO Ethics Award


The UNWTO Ethics Award was established in 2016 and is open to all companies and associations that are official signatories of the Private Sector Commitment to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. In order to be eligible for the Ethics Award, signatories of the Private Sector Commitment to the Code must have reported on its implementation.

The Jury of the UNWTO Ethics Award is composed of the Chair and members of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics (WCTE), an independent and impartial body responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. In selecting the awardee, WCTE Members follow the criteria set forth in the Ethics Award Guidelines. 


2018 UNWTO Ethics Award - Call for Applications (closed)

For more information, please contact ethics@unwto.org


UNWTO Ethics Award Laureates


2017 Ethics Award laureate: ILUNION Hotels



The pioneering policies of ILUNION Hotels in the area of universal accessibility carry an enormous potential to change attitudes, break down social barriers and make the accommodation sector more inclusive.

ILUNION Hotels has developed a specific business model of universal accessibility that comprises not only customers with disabilities and specific access requirements, but also its employees and suppliers. All the hotels of the group have obtained the Universal Accessibility Certificate from Bureau Veritas (UNE 170001-2), which guarantees that the hotels provide environments, rooms, and technical aids which ensure universal accessibility for all. ILUNION’s workforce of 568 people includes 18,31% of employees with some form of disability, but if we consider both direct and indirect employees, the percentage reaches 40%. Furthermore, specific training plans in accessibility awareness guarantee a standard of excellence in the interaction between employees and customers. As the constant improvement in the area of accessibility is key part of the company’s mission, specific plans are established every year to upgrade and improve the accessibility of the group’s infrastructure and services.

For these reasons, ILUNION Hotels’ innovative approach to accessibility represents a virtuous, innovative and replicable best practice of corporate social responsibility.

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