Protect Children Campaign Partner: PATA

Mission Statement
PATA, the Pacific Asia Travel Association, founded in 1951, is a not-for-profit travel organisation whose mission is to enhance the growth, value and quality of Pacific Asia travel and tourism for the benefit of PATA members.


Policy document
Pacific Asia Travel Association Memorandum of Understanding and Declaration in Support of ECPAT

In accordance with the PATA Board of Directors' resolution signed in January 1998, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) hereby declares its active support for the aims and objectives of End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT) and all those working

  • Condemn any form of sexual exploitation and abuse of
  • Pledge never to promote in any way travel or tourist programmes with pedophile
  • Commit themselves to exclude without delay any member proven to be engaged in sex
  • Recommend to their members to inform employees and clients alike in the most appropriate way the impact and dramatic consequences of child prostitution in countries of
  • Declare their willingness to cooperate with the authorities in countering child sex abuse and exploitation at all levels and with various public- and private-sector organisations concerned with the welfare of children, to identify offenders and to assist the
  • Urge all PATA members to reinforce their judicial cooperation and to adapt their legislation to criminalise child sex abuse and to introduce extra-territorial prosecution in accordance with the Stockholm Declaration


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