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IFWTO (International Federation of Women's Travel Organizations)


Policy document

Whereas, The IFWTO dedicated to improving the status of women in the travel industry and promoting international goodwill and understanding recognizes that "sex tourism" is a growing problem affecting both industrialized and developing countries, and

Whereas, The IFWTO,in full cooperation with the World Tourism Organization, industry associations, governments and non-governmental organizations condemns "sex tourism", and encourages members and associations to work within the legal, ethical, and cultural limits of their country against all aspects of organized "sex tourism"; and

Whereas, That recognizing the physical, social, and mental damage caused by "sex tourism", IFWTO members and associates pledge to support local, regional and international campaigns or organizations to help restore the rights, dignity and health of victims of "sex tourism"; therefore be it

Resolved, That as responsible tourism professionals, IFWTO members and associates pledge to exercise vigilance in respect to the activities of their customers when brought to their attention. They will act in accordance with the legislation of the countries involved, and within the dictates of their own conscience; and

Resolved, That IFWTO members and associates pledge to combat the prostitution of women and children related to organized "sex tourism" and to protect the victims of such tourists by:

  •  supporting the measures taken by governments to counter the sexual exploitation of women and children,
  •  informing colleagues of the negative consequences of "sex tourism",
  •  advising clients of the penalties imposed on tourists who commit acts involving the use of children for the purposes of sexual gratification.

Resolved, That IFWTO members and associates pledge never to promote or assist in the promotion of travel, tours or programs designed for sexual exploitation and to encourage local, regional and national measures to prevent and eradicate "sex tourism".

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