Protect Children Campaign Partner: FIYTO

(Federation of International Youth Travel Organizations)

Mission Statement
In its 50 year history, FIYTO has become the largest and most influential organisation in the youth travel industry.

FIYTO is an open, world-wide, non-political and non-sectarian travel trade association. Their goal is to advocate the special identity of young travellers, and their right to flexible, affordable travel and travel-related services.They have more than 350 members from 60 countries all over the world.

Policy document

Adopted at the FIYTO 47th Annual Conference in Paris, France, September 1997

  • FIYTO, the Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations, the worldwide membership association of youth travel operators, recognises amongst its principles: Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights.
  • FIYTO, is aware of the ECPAT campaign (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking in Children for sexual purposes), actively supported by WTO, the World Tourism Organization, to fight the commercial and sexual exploitation of children.
  • FIYTO, strongly rejects this deplorable practice in all its forms. It is in violation of its aim to promote educational, cultural and social travel among young people.
  • FIYTO, notes with great concern that the sexual exploitation of children is on the increase worldwide. It resolves to combat the prostitution of children related to "sex tourism" and strongly urges its members to do likewise.
  • In addition, FIYTO, has many members who provide travel opportunities for school children and recognises the need for their protection from sexual abuse of any kind.
  • It resolves to pursue the following objectives:
  • to support local and international initiatives aimed at increasing the awareness among its members of child sex tourism
  • to prevent ease of access to child prostitution or child pornography and never to promote or assist in the promotion of programmes, tours or travel whose purpose is the sexual exploitation of children
  • to support specific measures taken by governments to counter and effectively eradicate the sexual exploitation of children, such as appropriate legislation which make it a crime for individuals or businesses to promote or engage in child prostitution
  • to endorse efforts by different organisation, campaigns and associations concerned with the welfare of the victims of child sex tourism
  • to endorse efforts which help restore the profound mental, moral, social and physical damage caused to the victims of child sex tourism


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