Protect Children Campaign Partner: ECTAA

ECTAA (Group of National Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations within the EU)

Mission Statement
The principal objective of ECTAA is to represent and promote the interests of the tourism industry, and more particularly, the interests of the travel agents and tour operators. This means concretely that ECTAA monitors and follows-up any issue of a legal, economic or technical nature relating to the tourism industry in Europe, with a view to informing and consulting the national member and observer associations.

Policy document

November 1996

  • Noting that the sexual exploitation of children is a growing phenomenon which affects both industrialized and developing countries,
  • Aware that, whereas in industrialized societies child abuse often involves close relatives/acquaintances of the victims, "sex tourism" in developing countries is the major vehicle of this modern form of slavery,
  • Mindful of the profound physical, mental and psychological trauma caused to the young victims of sex tourism, and of the disastrous social and public health consequences of child prostitution in developing tourist countries,
  • Considering that tourism must contribute to better understanding between different cultures and to economic development rather than exploitation of the people in the countries of destination,
  • In full agreement with the Saint-Vincent Declaration of the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Tourism, the UFTAA Children and Travel Agents’ Charter, the World Tourism Organisation’s Bill of Rights and Tourist Code, the Declaration and Agenda for Action adopted by the Stockholm Congress against Commercial Exploitation of Children, the European Parliament Resolution on Child Abuse, the European Commission Communication for Actions Against Child Sex Tourism, and supporting the campaigns of ECPAT, UNICEF and others, all the National Associations of Travel Agents and Tour Operators within the European Union, which are Members or Observers of ECTAA:
    • CONDEMN any form sexual of exploitation of children;
    • PLEDGE never to promote in any way tourist tours to programmes with paedophile purposes;
    • COMMIT themselves to exclude without delay any member proven to be engaged in sex tourism;
    • RECOMMEND to their members to inform their clients in the most appropriate way on the impact and the dramatic consequences of child prostitution in the countries of destination;
    • DECLARE their willingness to cooperate with the authorities countering child sex abuse at all levels and with the various organizations concerned with the welfare of children, to identify offenders and to assist the victims;
    • URGE all the Member States to reinforce their judicial cooperation and to adapt their legislation to criminalize child sex abuse and to introduce extraterritorial prosecution, in accordance with the Stockholm Declaration.

ECTAA's focal point
Ms. Angelika Brüls
Assistant Manager
Rue Dautzenberg 36, box 6
B-1050 Brussels
Tel: +32-2-644 34 50
Fax: +32-2-644 24 21


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