Protection of Children in Tourism

UNWTO World Tourism Network on Child Protection 

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UNWTO’s work in the field of child protection has spanned over more than fifteen years, principally manifesting itself through the endeavours of the international World Tourism Network on Child Protection (formerly the Task Force for the Protection of Children in Tourism).

The open-ended Network aims to prevent all forms of child and youth exploitation in the tourism sector, including sexual exploitation, child labour and child trafficking. Its meetings serve as a platform for tourism stakeholders to exchange experiences and best practices, drawing together governments, the tourism industry, international organisations, non-governmental organisations and media associations. 

Reports of the Network’s meetings can be found here

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31st Meeting of the World Tourism Network on Child Protection NEW!

Please click here to view the presentations from the latest Network meeting held at ITB Berlin, 10 March 2016. For the meeting's report, please click here.

15 years of the UNWTO World Tourism Network on Child Protection

The15th anniversary of the UNWTO World Tourism Network on Child Protection was marked by the publication of a Compilation of Good Practices, presented at ITB Berlin 2014.

The publication demonstrates the variety of strategies and actions that have been taken around the world to protect children from exploitation in tourism. The 16 initiatives featured in the compilation were selected from more than 170 presentations and reports delivered at Network meetings since 1997.

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Protect Children Awareness Campaign

UNWTO launched its latest international child protection campaign Don't let Child Abuse Travel in 2008, in collaboration with ILO, UNICEF and a series of tourism stakeholders from different sectors.

The campaign video spot and other materials have been disseminated among tourism stakeholders, providing them with specific recommendations for the protection of children and adolescents in the sector. 

UNWTO's commitment to protect children from sexual exploitation in tourism complements the activities of other international organisations, including UNICEF, ICPO-Interpol, UNESCO, UNAIDS, WHO and other organs of the United Nations.

Child Protection Projects

Between 2000 and 2004, UNWTO joined forces with the European Commission to fund interactive initiatives to combat “child sex tourism”. Jointly implemented by UNWTO and its NGO partners, its target groups included governments, international organizations, the tourism industry (travel agents, tour operators, hotels, airlines, and associations), academic institutions, young people, the media and tourists themselves.

The project yielded a set of Guidelines for National Tourism Administration (NTA) Focal Points (available to download), to assist NTA officials in actively engaging in the protection of children.

A part of this project was the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism, originally formulated by ECPAT. Throughout the last decade, the Code has developed into one of the most recommended practices for the implementation of CSR related to child protection in the tourism industry. 

External partners' projects and initiatives

"Don't look away!" campaign: enables individuals to report suspected cases of child sexual exploitation through the web site

The campaign is coordinated by ECPAT Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Poland.

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