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National Campaigns (Submit your country's campaign here for consideration)

1. Australia (Courtesy: Childwise, Australia | Email)

Don't let child abuse travel! is an education campaign consisting of TV and radio announcements, postcards to be distributed to travellers by travel agents and posters to put up in customs areas of airports, Australian consulates and Embassies.

2. Brazil (Courtesy: Ministry of Tourism, Brazil | Email)

3. Mexico (Courtesy: Infantia Foundation, Mexico | Email )

4. Uruguay (Courtesy: Ministry of Tourism, Uruguay | Email)

In-flight Campaigns

Air Canada/One Child - "One child exploited is one child too many"

  • Since November 2005, the Canadian NGO OneChild has been working in partnership with Air Canada, through their Kids Horizon’s program in order to raise awareness about the child sex trade. An In-Flight video, created by the youth at OneChild, plays on many of Air Canada’s flights, reaching as many as 400 000 people each month. On top of raising awareness, the videos also warn travelers of Canada’s extraterritorial legislation on the issue of child abuse; explaining that one can be charged in Canada for crimes committed elsewhere.
  • For further information, please contact: One Child (E-mail:
  • For more information on Air Canada's Kid's Horizon's program:
  • View the video here:

LTU/Terre des Hommes - “Witness

  • The international child rigths organization Terre des Hommes, in conjunction with the German Family Association, created a short in-flight spot titled “Witness” as part of Terre des Hommes’ “please disturb” campaign and presents a clear message to travellers:there are so many chances to stop the sexual exploitation of children.The film shows in a series of flashbacks, how a tourist’s child is approached and taken to a hotel room. Along the way, the viewer can see all of the chances witnesses had to intervene and prevent the abuse, yet did nothing.The first airline to broadcast this new informational spot on all of their flights is the German LTU. Other airlines are also considering using it, and 8 German TV stations are already broadcasting the spot at no charge.
  • Watch the video here
  • For further information, please visit:

Terre des Hommes - "Toys"

  • The in-flight video "Toys" against child prostitution in tourism was prepared by the German child rights organisation Terre des Hommes' in co-operation with the European Commission and the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Cititzens, Women and Youth. is addressed to all long-distance flight tourists and aims to point out the problem of sexual exploitation of children in tourism. The in-flight spot "Toys" was awarded with the UN-Grand Award for excellent public relations in Tokyo by the United Nations in co-operation with the International Public Relations Association (IPRA). The following European Airlines have agreed to show the spot free of charge during their long-distance flights: Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air Europa, Olympic Airways, Sabena and the German charter airline LTU.
  • View the video here
  • For further information, please contact: Terre des hommes Deutschnland (Christa Dammerman - Tel: +49 5 41 71 01-0 - E-mail:
  • Other in-flight videos by Terre des Hommes are "Words" and "Travellers"

Air France video against Child Sex-tourism

  • Since 15 March 1999, AIR FRANCE has diffused this video on long-haul flights to raise awareness about the problem of child sex tourism. Air France was the first French airline to draw the attention of its passengers to this question. This video has been made in partnership with the organisation ECPAT International (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking in Children for Sexual Purposes). It is screened at a particularly sensitive moment for travellers at the start of their trip to a far destination, and informs viewers that there are laws to punish abusers when they are abroad, but also on their return home. A simple message reminds us that no one can abuse a child with impunity, no matter where the offence is committed. It is particularly aimed at a category of tourists that is on the increase: the "occasional" sex tourists, i.e. those for whom the aim of the trip is not to have sex with children but who, once at the holiday destination, might be tempted because young children are on offer. The video is in English and French so as to reach the greatest number of passengers. This film was created and produced by the LINTAS Agency. Its diffusion is exempt from copyright payment and can be adapted with the logo of the companies in the end of the spot. This in-flight video is actually diffused on Air France, AOM, Aérolyon, Finnair, Corsair and Swissair. Other carriers are welcome to contact ECPAT France and show it on their flights.
  • Watch the video here
  • For more information, please contact: ECPAT France (Tel : +33 1 49 34 83 13 - Email :
  • ECPAT and Air France have produced two more videos that can be found here, and here.

Austrian Airlines video against Child Sex-Tourism

  • In 1999 the production of the in-flight video "The abuse of children is not a pecadillo" was commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Youth and Family Affairs in co-operation with the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Division for Tourism, and UNICEF. This in-flight-video is designed to raise awareness of the problem of the so-called "child sex tourism" from a humanitarian, social, health and legal perspective explicitly and to focus on the criminal consequences of child sex abuse abroad (e.g. the extraterritorial prosecution of sexual crimes committed on children abroad). With this initiative a general public consciousness shall be created that sexual encroachments on children must be rejected by any means, independent of the place in which the crime occurs, and the public shall be informed that such crimes will be pursued with criminal sanctions worldwide.Starting in autumn 1999, AUSTRIAN AIRLINES is showing this in-flight-video on board of flights scheduled to a selection of destinations (e.g. South Africa and India). By showing the video on board of air planes travellers shall be encouraged to regard their socio-ethical responsibilities vis-a-vis all humans, and in particular children.Austrian Airlines has become a nominee for the UNITED NATIONS VIENNA CIVIL SOCIETY AWARD 2000 for the contribution of the airline to the protection of children in the world.The Austrian Government would be glad to make this in-flight video available to any private or public partner / organisation that is interested to join in the efforts to combat the sexual exploitation of children throughout the world.
  • Watch the video here
  • For further information, please contact: Dr. Ewald FILLER, Federal Ministry of Youth and Family Affairs of Austria, (E-mail: