3rd International Congress on Ethics and Tourism: Enhancing the sector's sustainability through shared responsibilities

Over the last fifty years, tourism has become one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Thanks to more than 1,2 billion international travellers crossing international borders (UNWTO, 2016), tourism accounts for some 11% of the world’s GDP and 1 out 11 jobs. There is no doubt that the sector’s exponential growth has brought with it immense benefits. However, alongside seemingly boundless opportunities, the meteoric rise of the tourism sector has created challenges which must not be ignored. 
The 3rd International Congress on Ethics and Tourism explored ways in which the tourism sector can harness the principles of sustainability, shared responsibility and accountability of all stakeholders in developing tourism infrastructure, products and services. It showcased good practices of private-public cooperation through policies and strategies based on human rights, transparency and good governance which also take into account the voice of civil society.
The Congress gathered an international audience comprised of policy makers, officials of national tourism administrations, representatives of travel and tourism companies and trade associations, representatives of international organizationsnon-governmental organizations and civil society bodies, as well as academics and media outlets engaged in the issues of sustainable development and ethical business practices.